Oneplus 7 Pro Nillkin Amazing 3D DS+ Max Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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Made from Japanese AGC Asahi tempered glass, the Nillkin 3D DS+ Max tempered glass screen protector offers all-round protection for your mobile device. It is composed of high-quality tempered glass. Featuring an upgraded technology you can rest assured that your phone screen is safe with reliable high-quality glass protection.

Manufacturing Process

Manufactured using a hot bending process, which results in a 9D rounded edge perfect for a mobile device with a curved screen. The Nillkin 3D DS+ Max tempered glass was made using a high-temperature curing and chemical hardening process. It is a perfect integration of the latest technology that employs physics and chemistry resulting in a 9H hardness to protect your mobile device.


The design and precision of this glass protector allow it to effortlessly blend into your phone screen. Installation is done easily without any bubbles.

The Nillkin 3D Ds+ Max tempered glass was molded using the original device and as a result, offers comprehensive edge-to-edge screen protection for your device.


It allows 99.9% light transmission and as a result, there is no noticeable difference in screen clarity and color.


  • Electroplated anti-fingerprint coating.
  • Tempered glass.
  • High-temperature tempered explosion-proof film.
  • Silicone coating.
  • HD anti-glare coating.



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