SmartDevil Full Glue UV Tempered Glass for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra UV Fully Glued Screen Protector Quick Unlock Install Tool

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1. Turn off your phone, Paste the non-slip mat on the back of the phone
2. Wipe the screen evenly with leveling wipes
3. Wipe again with ①wet wipes
4. Dry the screen with ②dry wipes until there is no water mark
5. Remove dust from the screen with ③dust absorber
6. Install the frame from top to bottom, keep balance on all sides, make sure the frame fits your phone perfectly
7. Set up a bracket at the bottom of the frame and make sure to push it to the end
8. Important step: The level must be balanced on all sides
(The bubble of the level is between the scale lines on both sides)
9. Be sure to place absorbent cotton around the frame. A total of 5 pieces of absorbent cotton, up and down, left and right, and speakers are required
(Otherwise, the spilled glue may damage your phone)
10. Drop the glue on the red circle (As shown in the video)
11. Rotate the white cover for 4 turns and remove it. Hold the middle of tube in your left hand, make its opening is facing down.
12. Make the tube 5mm above the screen
13. Rotate the small cap of the tube, and the liquid glue will come out automatically. Make the liquid glue on the screen in a circle
14. Tear off the isolation film
15. Place the screen protector stays close to the top of the frame
16. The bottom of the screen protector is placed on the bracket
17. Take the handle of the bracket and move it out slowly, so that the screen protector can be put down slowly.
18. The glue will spread evenly on the whole screen.

Do not press on the glass when the glue is not dry!!!

Remove the absorbent cotton before dry the glue!!!

19. Connect the power and turn on the UV light
20. Slide left and right until the light goes out automatically, so that it shines evenly on the screen to dry the glue
21. Press the screen gently with your fingers and remove the install frame vertically upwards
22. After removing the frame, wipe the glue that spills around the screen
23. Turn on the UV light to illuminate both sides of the curved screen
24. Finished


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