TRN MT1 Pro HIFI In Ear Earphone

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TRN MT1 pro Hi-FI 1DD Dynamic In-ear Earphone Drive HIFI Bass Metal Monitor Running Sport Earphone.

Dual-magnet driver gives more energy to your music. MT1 pro dynamic driver adopts dual-magnet design.

This newly-designed magnet increases magnetic flux by 55% – close to 1 Tesla. Resulted in an improvement in resolution, dynamics and speed.

A technological-innovative masterpiece 5μm Silicon crystal composite biocellulose diaphragm.

Sillicon crystal composite biocellulose diaphragm is 2 times more efficient compared to conventional biocellulose diaphragm, thus can be driven easily.

This extends the frequency range, allowing excellent transient response even when driven by smartphones.♬Imported eco-friendly polycarbonate.

Made of imported environment-friendly polycarbonate for high-gloss and transparency.

MT1 pro will giter beautifully under translucent light. It suppresses reflection of sound waves internally resulting in an overall tone is warm and mellow, without a hint of harshness.

Great sound that lasts: Punchy bass, clear midrange and resolving treble, MT 1 pro is carefuly-tuned with a balanced sound in mind suitable for most music genres.

An organic yet lively sound that is pleasing to the ears. Newly improved 2 Pin Type connectors Gold-plated contact pins .


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