Xiaomi TDS Tester Water Quality Meter Tester Pen Water Measurement Tools

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TDS value represents the content of total soluble solids in water and can reflect the water quality to a certain extent. Generally, the lower the TDS value, the less soluble salts such as heavy metal ions in water and the purer the water quality. The World Health Organization (who) generally believes that the nozzle with TDS value lower than 600 feels good or appropriate. When the TDS level is greater than 1000, the taste of drinking water changes significantly.

It can detect 3 kinds of impurities in the water

Keep abreast of the water quality at home

Different homes will have different water quality in different areas, MI water quality TDS detection pen can accurately detect the water TDS value, it can detect the water quality before and after water filter, reflecting the water filtering capabilities of the water filter.
In general, the lower TDS value will indicate less disolved solids in the water, the purer the water quality.

Precision technology, for more accurate detection.

Waterproof design, low power consumption chip

Simple operation

Simply put Mi water quality TDS detection pen in the water, press the switch button, the display will show the TDS value of water immediately, so that you know water purity.




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