ZIFRIEND Screen Protector Ultra Smooth Big Radian 2.5D 0.4mm with Easy Installation Alignment Frame

Available Models – iphone X to 13 Series All Models

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Package includes
3 Ultra Smooth Big Radian 2.5D 0.4mm tempered glass screen protectors (easily for a change or as a gift to friends or family)
3 cleaning cloth + 3 alcohol wipes + 3 dust-removal sticker for bubble and dust free installation,
1 instruction,
1 EVA cotton for padding,
1 ZIFRIEND Easy APP installation frame +2 arrow sticker.

How to install
a. Clean the screen with cleaning cloth, alcohol wipes and dust-removal sticker
b. The first screen protector is stuck to the Easy APP, remove the first protective film
c. Fitting the Easy APP on the iPhone
d. Press the arrow sticker for 5s
e. Remove the arrow sticker and the Easy APP successively

Why is the screen protector smaller than my iPhone’s screen?
The screen protector covers only the straight surface of your iPhone screen to avoid peeling at the edges, compatible with phone cases so you can install the screen protector much easier and easily adapt the protector with a case.

How can I get rid of bubbles?
Please read the instructions carefully before installing screen protector, then you can avoid most bubbles.
If still find bubbles, for big ones, please peel one corner of the screen protector to eliminate it, and then place the protector back in position. For small ones, please press them for 1 minute.

What should I do if it gets cracked?
ZIFRIEND screen protector are made of high quality premium tempered glass whose Up to 9H hardness(scratches free from a knife or keys coins)scratches, protects your iPhone screen during daily use.
If break, please let us know we shall provide an effective solution.

Does the screen protector affect the Face ID and 3D-Touch Function?
No. Our screen protectors maintain all the original functions of your iPhone.


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